Healthy Communities from the Land to the Lake

Did you think Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher? If you did, you would be right. But PLATO is something else as well. It is the Phosphorus Loss Assessment Tool for Ontario (PLATO). It is a powerful tool to help you make the best field-scale decisions.

Healthy Communities from the Land to the Lake

Healthy Lake Huron - Clean Water, Clean Beaches is a concerted effort to address nuisance algae concerns and to promote safe and clean beaches and shorelines from Sarnia to Tobermory.

Six key watersheds have been identified as priorities for immediate action.  This group is now working together with local partners to develop and support the implementation of watershed management plans, with specific targeted actions, as well as monitoring and research, for each priority area.

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Crew tapes Plastic People doc in Bayfield area

Drink tap water in a reuseable container - it is less expensive and reduces toxic plastics.


Society's addiction to plastic use has negative impacts on rivers, lakes, oceans and people; a local citizens' group and local youth are some of the people working to be part of the solution.
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More than 3,600 water quality projects completed

In almost 20 years, Huron County's Clean Water Project has resulted in more than 3,600 water quality projects with a total project value of more than $14 million.
A file photo of Lake Huron.


Protecting Lake Huron's fish

We all need to be part of the solution in taking the positive actions that are needed to protect our Lake Huron fish species.