• Summer 2016

    In this issue: Water level fluctuations and how to reduce erosion; Finding out about E. coli levels before swimming; How soil health and plant cover on gardens and fields can benefit water quality in Lake Huron; Phragmites control by Chippewas of Kettl

  • 2015 Summer Newsletter

    Plastic pollution in Lake Huron, evaluating agricultural best management practices, preserving soil health in the Garvey-Glenn watershed, WeatherCheck! board game and more....

  • Summer 2014 Newsletter

    Our latest newsletter is now posted - featuring progress on the Rural Stormwater project, priority watershed updates and much more.

  • Summer 2013 Newsletter

    Our latest newsletter is now posted! Project highlights for all five priority watersheds

  • Summer 2012

    An update on the priority watershed projects, developing a Rural Stormwater Management Model, Lake Huron’s unique algae problem, E-coli and beaches, community projects, and being Septic Smart.

  • Summer 2011

    A look at our five priority watersheds, agriculture and First Nations water protection.

  • Summer 2010

    Southeast Shore Communities Team Up to Improve Water Quality and Conserve Biodiversity

  • Summer 2008

    The ribbon of shoreline along Lake Huron provides one of the longest continuous stretches of beachfront in the Great Lakes and has enjoyed a long history of recreational use and cottaging.